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UDUPI is a coastal town in southern India in the state Karnataka which is famous for Hindu temples built centuries ago and is also known for its delicious vegetarian cuisine. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Udupi to see the beauty of the old temples and to taste the authentic southern Indian vegetarian cuisine. Eventually, people started opening Udupi restaurants throughout Asia, Europe and now all over the world.

Our UDUPI restaurants specialize in mouth watering South Indian specialities like dosas and uthapams. If you live in or travel to Massachusetts, you must stop by and taste authentic food from South India’s culinary capital-- Tamil Nadu.

A dosa is a thin, crepelike pancake made from the protein-rich, slightly fermented batter of split peas (urad dal) and rice. It's cooked on a hot griddle, rolled into a tube and eaten with or without a filling. Uthapams are also pancakes, also cooked on a griddle, also made with the same batter as dosas. But here the similarity ends.

Uthapams are smaller (although still plate-sized), thicker, softer and more glutinous than dosas. Any additional ingredients are mixed right into it -- frittata-style. Oh, and they're flat. These come in several varieties like Tomato & Peas Uthapam, a colorful, comforting mix of chopped tomato and green peas suspended in thick rice pancake, or Cheese Uthapam, containing chilies and topped with almost-melted shredded mozzarella cheese.

We also offer Udupi's curries, like Aloo Mutter (potatoes, peas and cashews in a tomato-based gravy), Avial (a vegetable curry cooked with coconut and yogurt.)

Udupi offers something similar to a "combination" plate. It's called the South Indian Thali. Thali means silver plate. And, indeed, that's how your food arrives: On a round silver metal tray, in a set of small metal bowls, an economical way to sample a variety of tastes.

Udupi does not serve alcohol or non-vegetarian food. Come-in for a cool Mango Lassi and some great South Indian fare.

You have to taste the Masala Dosa, Iddly, Vada Sambar, Mixed Pakoras, Samosas, Curries, Pullav and many other scrumptious varieties from our menu. Taste it once and you will not forget the Udupi cuisine!

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